Temple Painting Project in Buddhakosa Zen Centre in Schwarz im Gebirge, Niederösterreich, Austria

Buddhakosa Zen Centre is located in the northwest of the Schneeberg in Höllental, one of the highest mountains in the surroundings of Vienna. This small Zen Centre is an inspiring place on account of its unconventional yet harmonious organization of space, and its details are given soothing breathe by the warm and ever-giving nature of the abbot ''Dorimsunim (Anna Rheindorf)''. The visual elements of the Zen Centre is a wonderful representation of the mindfulness practice of Zen. Dorimsumin has spent 12 years as a nun (Bikshuni) in a Buddhist Monastery in South Korea and set up this Zen Centre in 2017 under the korean influence, yet better applicable for the European life.

Inspired by the spiritual resonance of the place, Sung Min started her temple painting project in 2019. The project is planned mostly for the entrance area, which is formed by the wooden carport, and will be carried out in serveral phases, covering the joists and studs.

More for the Buddhakosa Zen Centre, please consult www.buddha-kosa.at