Solo Exhibition: Mudra – Zeitspur des Ewig Weiblichen

Touch of Shakti, 240cm x 240xm, 2014

Vernissage: Donnerstag 7. April 2016, 20 Uhr
Austellungsdauer: bis 31. August 2016
täglich von 8–22 Uhr, Sonntag bis 16 Uhr
Bildungshaus St. Arbogast
6840 Götzis,
Information 05523 /62501-0

»Ich bin überzeugt, dass authentische Gemälde nicht äußeren Einflüssen, sondern dem Kontakt mit dem Selbst entstammen. Ich frage mich: was ist im Innersten meines Herzens eingeschrieben. Was dort geschrieben ist, ist unsichtbar. Was ich tun muss ist, es in sichtbaren Formen hervorzubringen. Damit beginnen die Schwierigkeiten…. und es dauert lang.
Meine Erinnerung/Vorstellung davon, was in meinem Herzen eingeprägt ist wird erweckt, wenn Muster aus der Natur meine Augen gefangen nehmen. Schau auf die Rinde von Bäumen, Schichtmuster von Felsküsten, Spuren der Wellen an Sandstrand … und den Zyklus der Jahreszeiten! Sie kommen in
ihren immer neuen Gesichtern zu mir.
Diese archetypischen Muster sind ein anderes Gesicht der Zeit, und sie ziehen uns in den Raum der Zeitlosigkeit hinein.« (Sung Min Kim)

Raphael Brunner, accordionist of Voralberg
Yong Sin & Sung Min
15 Minutes of silence, just looking at a painting, which each visitor has personally chosen
Josef Kittinger from the Bildungshaus St. Arbogast, Sung Min and Visitors

Mudra: Time-Trace

Since a few years, I have been obsessed by the theme of feminine nature what nurtures us, the children of Nature. If there were anything that could be found in all of us, that would be the longing for the motherly love. I believe that genuine paintings do not come from the external influences, but they cause from the contact within the Self.
I question: what is inscribed in the center of my heart? What is inscribed there is invisible. What I have to is to bring it out in visible forms. So the struggle starts ... it lasts a long time. My memory-imagination about what is inscribed in the heart is awakened when some patterns of nature strike my eyes. Look at barks of trees, strate patterns of cliffs, traces of waves on the sand beaches….., and the cycle of four seasons.  They come to me in their ever-new faces. These archetypal patterns are another face of time, and pull us into the realm of timelessness. They remind me of careful hands of an artist 
These patterns are the beginning point of my paintings these days. The medium I use, such as thick, multi-layered paper, Chinese ink and natural pigments help me go consciously with the flow of lines and colors on the paper, free from conventional conceptions of forms. The process of making and destroying results in definite forms out of inevitable structural need.
Mudraa means not only the ritual hand gestures but also the seal of energy field. Further, it means also the original stamp of an authority. In its multi-facets, the word Mudraa suggests corresponding poles to diverse faces of the eternal Feminine I conceive in nature. Thus it can mean the eternal Feminine conceived in the form of archetypal patterns or as the hands that shape such nature. Or even as a Goddess that holds the power of nature. Or as the word is used in tantric yoga for the method/ partner in the practice, my painting is the method of practice in prayer to come closer to the Eternal Feminine



Jugend- und Bildungshaus St. Arbogast
6840 Götzis, Voralberg, Austria


3rd to 10th July 2016