Present Theme

Detail from "Die Reise mit der Mutter", 2013

For the last a few years, I have been working on the theme of the femininity of the world. The focus is less related to the Feministic movement than to the spiritual quest: I am deeply moved by the feminine characteristic of Nature, which she takes to be none other than the source of artistic inspiration. We all want to be embraced by the immeasurably warm hands of Nature. I believe that our incomprehensible nostalgia that shows its face from time to time, could have derived from such a longing. It would be beyond our ability to define what Nature is. However through arts, one can conceive, touch and come close to Its presence. I see that such an effort has been made since mankind started developing artistic techniques. This theme is never outdated, yet ever-recurring because it is directly related to questions of our life as well as arts.
Presently I work on this theme, particularly focusing on the process how archetypal patterns of natural objects - for example, barks of trees, strata patterns of a rock etc. – when they are adapted on the painting space would transform themselves into complete pictures on the canvas. I see the traces of time and space, which is for me the feminine faces of Nature, in the repetitive patterns on the physical bodies of nature. They have their own dynamics which corresponds to particular emotions and feeling of our mind, therefore they have their own symbolism.