One of my strongest affirmations behind my artistic activities is that art can be a way for the spiritual uplift not only for an individual artist but also for a community where the artist belongs. The space of a painting has both characteristics of physicality and spirituality, thus, has the scope of binding the physical dimension and the spiritual world of man.
For me, painting space is the protected room where the deep inside of the human mind reveals itself: even wounds and disintegration find their place in harmony with longings and love, as nature shows us in its diverse phenomena. I paint with a strong belief in the healing and nurturing aspect of arts and pay homage to the heritage of the East Asian traditions that the painting practice is a method to refine the mind by co-relating the individual self to objects of nature.
As I see the ideal space in its non-dualistic nature, the ideal form in my artistic concepts has also non-dualistic nature: it is figurative and at the same time abstract. The painting space is created out of tension between the abstraction and the figuration of images. The creative process means for me the act of parallel dynamics of the ‘will’ of the formless to express itself in forms and the desire of empirical forms to return to the abstract principle.