Sung Min Kim is a painter from South Korea, living and working in Vienna, Austria since 2006. Having been trained in the field of Korean painting in Seoul, South Korea, she studied the history of arts in New Delhi, India and made a further research on the aesthetics of Buddhist Mandalas. Her theoretical searches strengthened her inner ground as a painter, and led her to view arts and artists in the context of the individual, society and nature. Though her paintings are deeply rooted in classical arts of China, Korea, and partly of India, what she ends up producing is all her own – universalization of her insights and visions.

“In Sung Min Kim’s paintings, the
process of the opening and the contraction
in the human mind is dramatized.
She creates the rhythm out of this
in her paintings, which is immediately
perceived by the viewers, but
cannot be easily explained.
It is the Consciousness which
unfolds itself in her paintings.”


Prof. H. S. Shivaprakash: Poet, Dramatist,
School of Arts & Aesthetics,
Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi